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I used to do something weird.

In a typically-busy day, I’d think about how difficult it was to be so busy. How downtrodden I was!

Most people who think similarly can blame their boss. However, having been self-employed for over 20 years, that scapegoat is far in the rear-view mirror.

A happy thought skipped into my brain. “If I love my work (which I did, and I do) how can I possibly complain about it?”

If I over-scheduled myself, that could be corrected going forward. For example, if I agreed to a ridiculous delivery date for a project, the blame belongs to me, not to the client.

One of the best things about work — exchanging something for money — is that it’s a playground, a laboratory.

Our relationship with work is like our relationship with anything else that’s important. It takes work, setting expectations, ground rules, boundaries. Indulgences, and attention.

Are you building a Frankenstein monster of a work life, or a friendly monster you might occasionally tussle with, but enjoy living with overall?

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Marilee Driscoll

Writer/published author/awarded poet. Meditator. Gardener. Badminton, running. Consultant/coach/biz owner/keynote speaker by trade.