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April Callis

As a very busy consultant, I can say that Marilee’s coaching has been extraordinarily helpful. I’m flat out with engagements now, and she has been instrumental at helping me make not only meaningful progress on my long range goals, but helping me manage and leverage immediate opportunities such as speeches. Her thoughtful insights are right on. We have two hour-long calls a month. Just had a call today, and found myself saying to her “I’m so happy every time we talk.” If you are considering working with Marilee, I can tell you that you won’t be disappointed.

— April Callis Birchmeier, CCMP, PMP

I had a wonderful strategic coaching session with Marilee. She helped me gain clarity in my problem within minutes and was able to direct be in my next steps to achieve my overall goal. Thank you Marilee!

— Debbie Lyn Toomey

I have been a client of Marilee’s, and have seen her present from the podium a couple of times. In both settings, she’s provided actionable guidance that I’m grateful to have. No only does she know her field, she’s has wildly creative ideas and tremendous energy. She’s great!

— Michael Prager

Marilee was the featured speaker on a teleconference with the National Association of Professional Organizer’s Speaking for Fees Special Interest Group. Her topic was choosing effective titles for speeches. Her tips were very helpful. She also provided live coaching, which was fascinating. The group got a lot of ideas and inspiration from the call. I believe that any organization of business people would benefit and enjoy a program from Marilee.

— Maryann Murphy

Marilee is the most creative person I know. On top of that she is an extraordinary business strategist…Do you know how rare that is? There are left brain people and right brain people, and Marilee is a both brain person. She has the uncanny ability to hone in on the creative and the business strategy so she will position your book to stand out and be a must read for your prospects.

— Claudia Gere

I just started working with Marilee recently. We had a wonderful consultation last week. She had some great advice about changing the title of a presentation I’m doing, in order to appeal to a much wider audience. I am so pleased with and most grateful for the suggestion. In contrast to a lot of other resources I have, Marilee keeps reminding me to answer the important foundational questions as I continue to refine and build my business. I’m looking forward to our next monthly consults, and also to the teleconferences. I recommend her highly.

— Darlene Corbett, LICSW

I purchased an hour consult with Marilee at a fundraising auction. The consult was unbelievably helpful and I can see why so many people speak highly of her.

— Linda Stacy

Marilee is one of the brightest, most creative marketing gurus I’ve had the pleasure to meet in person. She is, in a word, genius. Marilee’s wealth of good ideas and her enthusiastic approach to everything she does means that she is always at the top of her game. Highly recommend!

— Susan Baker

Marilee’s practical knowledge of LTCi and how to consultatively sell permeate her businesses. Whether it’s a laser coaching session or one of her Easy as Pie turn-key websites, I can recommend Marilee without reservation.

Marilee worked closely with me to develop a website that shows prospects and referral sources who I am – and my approach to planning;

My new web site through www.MyEasyAsPieWebsites.com has all the bells and whistles I wanted – without the hassle and expense of hiring a web designer myself
Now, when someone looks me up online, they see an impressive, professional web site. They ‘meet me’ in a favorable way.

— Peggy Fortson

Marilee Driscoll is a master at marketing strategy, including the right words, the right message, and the right timing, all in the right venue. She has a refined sense of what works in our industry, and beyond that, she is a class act. I’ve worked with none better. And to add to the mix, I enjoyed my time working with her.

— Bobbi Foster

I have had the pleasure of directly working with Marilee regarding several marketing initiatives. Marilee is creative, hard-working, delivers quality results and most importantly does what she says she will do within committed timeframes. I highly recommend her as a consultant. Finally, I have referred several agents to the customized website service her company offers.

— Bill Jones

If you are a consultant or even a mid-size company, you need to have a good service or product, but you also need to an effective strategy for marketing and managing your business. Marilee’s eye-opening insight and suggestions, the result of her extensive experience, have been so valuable in helping me rethink my approach. Each conversation is a wake-up call, making me realize how easy it is to continue doing the same thing without realizing that you are on the wrong path.

— Ken O'Quinn