Eight to Great

It’s extraordinarily easy, when you are busy with the day-to-day, to let your business run you – and not the other way around. I’ve observed that businesses, brands – and people(!) – that thrive over the long term are always looking... read more

Your Gold Medal

Whether or not you were a big fan of the Summer Olympics, there’s just something about a gold medal that I think we can all agree is impressive and inspiring. I think it’s what it stands for: Excellence. Precious. Coveted by many but reality for few.... read more

What’s the Rush?

Sometimes I see kids enjoying the summer…towels around their shoulders, on their way to or from the pool or beach, and I remember what it was like when summer seemed to last forever.   Hot days, sprinklers, and lazy nights of relatives drinking coffee after... read more

Wills and Ways

Ah, the workaround! I know you have these in your business too. It’s when you have so much experience, that’s it’s easy for you to fix a problem that seems insurmountable to someone you’re talking with. The only way to know of workarounds is... read more

Murphy (Brown’s) Law

How important is a great assistant? I can personally attest to how important it is – but only if you want to remain composed, unhurried, thoughtful, and less frazzled. Like one can’t prove a negative, it’s hard to imagine the value of a great... read more

Fonts and Knowledge

Fonts – Can’t Live With ’em, Can’t Write Without ’em! This article is from my current newsletter. For your own subscription sign up here. You and I are knowledge workers. Our value is not measured by how quickly we can do something... read more

I sat down with…

Each month I interview a top long–term care insurance agent for an insurance industry publication. The current interview is with Phil Grossman. Phil gets leads from radio commercials, and also from relationships with 200 agents, planners and... read more

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As a very busy consultant, I can say that Marilee’s coaching has been extraordinarily helpful. I’m flat out with engagements now, and she has been instrumental at helping me make not only meaningful progress on my long range goals, but helping me manage and leverage immediate opportunities such as speeches. Her thoughtful insights are right on. We have two hour-long calls a month. Just had a call today, and found myself saying to her “I’m so happy every time we talk.” If you are considering working with Marilee, I can tell you that you won’t be disappointed.
April Callis Birchmeier, CCMP, PMP

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