More Success.
In work and in life.

Touched by inspiration. Grounded in clarity.

Imagine a life when work is great. Imagine an organization filled with people doing great work. Whether you’re a company of one, or in an organization of thousands.
It’s time to make your life’s work great.

Dare we say a great work life?

At the Marilee Driscoll Company, we:


Manage or Advise

Business strategy
Brand / Titling / Naming
Messaging strategy
Publication strategy

Write/ Design

Marketing campaigns


Business Coaching
Life Coaching

Provide Easy as Pie Solutions

Social Media

What Clients Say

I had a wonderful strategic coaching session with Marilee. She helped me gain clarity in my problem within minutes and was able to direct be in my next steps to achieve my overall goal. Thank you Marilee!

Debbie Lynn Toomey


I recently had the pleasure of working with Marilee as I found the need to take a look at how to improve my marketing plans. Besides being very insightful, she builds her advice by asking a whole host of questions about you, your relationships with your clients, and how you want to grow your practice. She is a professional listener which is the key to her success. And beyond that, she is warm, funny and someone you can trust to give you the straight scoop. She is indeed a person everyone should have on their team.

Leslie Knudsen

CEO/Annuities, Wealth Transfer, Private Pension, Income Maximization, Tax-Free Strategies, Long Term Care, Rollovers, Life Insurance, CD Alternatives

just attended Marilee's 9 Hour Reset seminar. Wow. Her energy is infectious and gave me a jolt of energy on a stalled project. She has a gift for instantly analyzing your situation and helping you see things from a new perspective. Her honest and actionable suggestions are pure gold!

Mike Doble

Principal at Doble Communications Consulting, LLC