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So, what is your lot in life? Is it predetermined, even allotted? Perhaps by genetics and early childhood experiences…but what about free will?

I had a friend who — once a terrorist attack happened in her city — declared “The city is ruined for me now. I have to move.” I pointed out that, in the years before the attack, many lower-profile outrages and atrocities had happened day after day. She just wasn’t aware of them. Nothing changed…except her perception — that everything had changed.

If you’ve ever bought a new car — did you all of a sudden notice all the other cars or the same type or color on the road?

Ditto when you have a new baby.

Nothing outside has really changed except for your perception.

So, what do you think is your lot in life?

Might make sense to consider this. A lot.

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Marilee Driscoll

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