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Most weeks I send out a short article or essay, but this week let’s all take a look at some of your responses!
It’s so enjoyable reading your replies to the newsletters. In “What’s Wrong?” I wrote about The Princess and the Pea — who was bothered by that pesky, teeny tiny pea at the bottom of her very high pile of mattresses.
Like your prospects with an unsolved problem, that pea kept the princess up at night. Reader Sam replied:
[Email from reader Sam]
On a fun personal note, here’s my chihuahua doing his best princess and pea impression. Nothing’s keeping him up at night — or during the day LOL!
[Picture of pillows]
Last week I took a mini vacation in New York City, and thought I’d share the beautiful view. Years ago I wrote how flying in a plane got my creative juices flowing (so does running and walking). In the hotel room overlooking Manhattan I experienced the same thing; surprising a consulting client with some new top-level marketing messages they weren’t expecting until I returned to work.
[dog on bed in apartment]
Which Comes First, the Offering or the Sale?” discussed the tension and difference between having something you want to sell, marketing it, and actually selling it. To answer the chicken and egg question, reader Gerard alerted me:
[email from reader Gerard]
But I Didn’t Order This” went out April 27th. I talked about a game my kids and I used to play called Silly Waiter. Many of you replied, including Ann (below).
[email from reader ann]
Ann, glad you loved the story…I love that you replied! Your reply is a good reminder that personal stories are one of the best ways we can connect with each other.
As Jeff Bezos prepares to blast off into space, I am reminded that one of our biggest challenges is to connect with each other here on earth. Professionally, we need to connect to make things happen. I’m reminded of that every day that I work with consulting clients who are grappling with what to call offerings, how, where and what to say to message meaningfully, effectively, efficiently.
Connecting in our personal lives, well, as the famous philosopher Hokey Pokey says, that’s what it’s all about. I’m glad to be connected to you, to communicate with you, so….
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