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Last week, Memorial Day got me thinking about what’s worth dying for.
And, since none of us will get out of here alive anyway, I started thinking about not only what makes a life worth living, but how to make a life you’d die to have.
Not necessarily in a swashbuckling Elon Musk or Barbara Corcoran kind’ve way (though their passions are apparent).
Do you have certain interests, topics, activities, that have been with you for years…perhaps since childhood? The kinds of things you gravitate toward. That you’d do for the simple joy of doing? Because, if you were a fish, they’d be your water?
When our life isn’t filled with things we give a rat’s ass about, well…that might just be a recipe for years of relative unhappiness. In contrast, tapping into these innate passions is joyful.
If you are passionate about something, and it’s not a regular part of your life in any meaningful way, why is that?
I happen to believe this is an important exploration. And that your passion can be brought into practice; and that’s exciting. It can even be brought into your work…if you’re willing to explore. Guaranteed.
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