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[Pea Photo]

You remember her. The Princess and the Pea was bothered by that pesky teeny tiny pea at the bottom of her very high pile of mattresses.
It literally kept her up at night.
So that pea was an annoyance.
And, where there’s an annoying problem, there’s an opportunity.
  • I’m annoyed that my boom box takes up so much space on my shoulder. Voilà! iPod…iPhone
  • I’m annoyed that — at the end of the day — when I want to enjoy a book — my eyes are tired. Voilà! Audiobooks.
  • I’m annoyed with this person who I keep running into at home and family functions. Voilà! Divorce (tee-hee).
I’m sure you have examples from your own life.
When you identify what annoys your prospects-who-become-clients (the pea) you’ve got the key more effective marketing, sales, and client retention.
The pea is key.
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