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Let’s be honest. We all have problems. Ideally with good management these problems change.

For example: First we had a lead generation problem, but we solved that, and now we see a customer service problem that wasn’t obvious when we were selling less.

It’s naïve human nature to think if we overcome the current challenge all will be sweetness and rainbows and we’ll enjoy every sunset sipping piña coladas (or, whatever!).

Truth is, once we transcend the current challenge we’ll notice another — albeit from a better view.

What’s the point? Problems don’t stop but they get easier to identify and fix or avoid with a constant critical eye. Identify the issue, do the work and creativity to transcend it, and then identify the next issue. That’s the point. If you’re good and/or lucky, you’ll see the next couple of issues and anticipate them before they’re obvious.

Is this all easier with a trusted advisor? You bet your bippee.

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Marilee Driscoll

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