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One of my favorite inspirational quotes is below. (Yes, it applies to business and beyond!)

“You are not meant for crawling, so don’t. You have wings. Learn to use them and fly.” — Rumi

Let’s do something different in this newsletter. Let’s walk together and consider what could be.

Imagine. You are a newborn. (If this annoys you, bear with me….)

Then —

Everything that you have ever experienced is added.
Everything you’ve initiated, decided to read and explore. Decided to learn. To think about. All added.

And you’ve reacted to it all. By nature and by nurture.

Consider all the interactions of any kind, and double all that. (After all, the other person was once a newborn, too!)

Now: Imagine each prospect and client and employee and subcontractor through that lens.

Wow. That’s a lot!

Every day. A prism of opportunities to create, to understand, and be understood.

Opportunities to grow!

It’s all a series of events and reactions. Step by step. And it includes the prerogative to pivot or stay the course at any time.

Can you hear it? Breathe it? It’s electric.

Can growing a business, a career, a life be “worked” like this?

Absolutely. Excited?

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