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Ever sit down at a restaurant and ask, “what you are known for?”

Well, a brand, and a reputation are like that.

Yesterday I bought an air mattress at REI and found out that apparently, I hadn’t yet bought an REI membership. Quickly remedied.

The clerk handed over a $20 store gift certificate-thingy, while explaining it would expire on September 9th.

Since — when it comes to coupon expiry dates I have the memory of a gnat — I looked at the back of the card searching for the expiration date. Couldn’t find it.

I asked where the expiration date was. The clerk turned it over and said, “it’s right on the front.”

Wow. “I’m used to having to look at expiration dates in fine print on the back,” I said…and he simply stated, “We’re not like that.”

The clouds parted, and the angels sang (this happens when I experience great customer service).

“We’re not like that.” In other words, our brand isn’t like that. In still other words, we don’t hide things — we are transparent. That’s what a brand promise feels like.

So, what are you like?

Til next time

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