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Last Thursday I saw this headline that got me thinking:

I marveled at the thought. A deep well of mojo, suddenly run dry.

Is that possible? How do you even know you’ve got mojo to lose? After consulting the dictionary and Google, I’ve settled on a definition for the word.

Mojo is a magic power.

That doesn’t mean it’s not real. You can bring it into your work. Your life.

You can find your mojo in the same place that I call the Sweet Spot. Your mojo is waiting there — in the magical place where your talents and desires intersect with what the world values.

Dwell there. Do stuff. That’s the magic power only you can contribute. That’s your mojo.

So, will you succeed more if you’ve got mojo?

I’m guessing yes.

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Marilee Driscoll

Writer/published author/awarded poet. Meditator. Gardener. Badminton, running. Consultant/coach/biz owner/keynote speaker by trade.