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Maybe you’ve seen a Batteries And Bulbs store. When I saw one my first impression was to roll my eyes.

Then came the day I needed a replacement for a 3-way bulb. What were my options? Walmart. Walgreens. Dollar Store. Supermarket? Home Depot or Lowes?

I remembered Batteries and Bulbs. Half expecting to be laughing, half anticipating a great experience, I entered the store.

These guys definitely know their batteries and bulbs.

I said: “I want two 3-way bulbs. One for a lamp by my bedside and the other for a lamp next to a couch; I read next to both of them.”

Within 1 minute of entering Batteries and Bulbs, I was informed there were 3 options. One had a maximum setting of 250 watts, which “might be too hot “If I had a fancy lampshade” (I did – who knew?). Another used more energy, and the 3rd might have the pleasing warm light I said I preferred, but “it wouldn’t last as long as the others.” I was educated to the point of becoming the Goldilocks of lightbulbs.

I saw the light.

Sometimes you need a generalist. Sometimes a specialist. They each have their limitations. What a joy when they know them. The guy at Batteries and Bulbs said to me that, “Between this store and Connectors and Cords, you’ll have pretty much everything you need!” LOL!

What do you need? What does your business need? Sometimes it takes someone who knows what you don’t to illuminate the way forward.

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