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Ever notice how there are certain deadlines you don’t miss?

Filing taxes — and tax estimates.

Packing for a trip.

For most of us, these deadlines are going to be met. The process may not be pretty, but the actions will happen.

Deadlines pretty much force us to check off a to-do. The downside of not meeting an important deadline is motivation enough (think stick…not carrot). So, we file taxes (or at least an extension!). We lug out the suitcase, and we pack.

Deadlines are also why losing some weight can be much easier when there’s an event coming up.

Making appointments to do something — especially if someone else is involved — can also be effective motivators. Scheduling something is kind’ve a mini deadline. It’s why I’m pretty much guaranteed to play a couple of hours of indoor badminton each week (don’t laugh — it’s rigorous!). I have appointments to play with regular badminton partners 3 times each week.

What about those things that don’t have deadlines?

Updating a LinkedIn profile.
Posting on social media.
Getting a new website.
Starting a newsletter — or a podcast.
Catching up with an old friend.
(add here anything that’s been on your list for a while).

We all have things we need to do.

Then there’s what we wanna do.

The most compelling question is what we should do.

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