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Organizations that want more success know that securing success is one thing, and sustaining it is another.

I believe it all boils down to clarity, people, communication, and systems that support and serve them all.

Me and my team are brought in to help with any (or all) of these.

Clarity - what is the challenge at hand? Put another way, what do we want to do now, for whom, what do we call it?

People - who is going to help us get there?  Stay there?  Both in our organization and outside.

Communication - how best to communicate effectively to facilitate a better process and outcome?  Today and going forward?

Systems - Not just IT, but also brand messaging and even organizational habits/culture.  Great systems support the success of the organization.

Any consultant can serve up a laundry list of clients.  What distinguishes my work is the number of longtime clients, and even clients who return.  It guess that's the opposite of buyers' remorse.  They're boomerang clients!

Recently, a “boomerang” client reported someone on their executive team said “We need what Marilee did for us 7 years ago.” Another team member piped up: "Why don’t we call Marilee?"

I happily picked up pretty much where I left off!

Whether you're a boomerang client or someone new, I look forward to discussing your challenge!


Startup to mature organizations


Project-based or retainer