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Things take time. Usually, much longer than this very impatient human would like.

I’m a bottom line kinda gal.

My brain is always thinking 5-6 steps ahead. I’m focused on what’s down the road.

That’s great for strategy – and for much of my work with clients.

But, truth is, while we control a lot, we also control a lot less than we think.
What we do 100% totally control is what we choose to do – in action and reaction.

Anything else (pretty much) is out of our control. And, guess what? That’s OK.

That’s one reason why it’s so burdensome to focus exclusively on goals and outcomes.
Now, note I didn’t say we need to throw them away.

Hear me out. Instead, we can focus on what we desire, and then decide what we put in place and spend our time and energy on. With the priorities clear there’s profoundly higher chances of success in that journey, regardless of the outcome.

Less hitting your head against a wall. More growing something that’s fulfilling, sustainable, real. More yours (even if you work for someone else!).

It’s time to think like that. Right?

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