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Inspired planning can be summed up in 3 stages.
There’s Dreaming – Strategizing – and Doing.
What makes the planning important and motivates us to implement? Priorities.
And, what helps the plan stay current? Pivots (like when a pandemic intervenes).
Ok ok ok those are a lot of words. What’s my point?
When it comes to people, there are non-planners. They can be like driftwood. Those who let the day seize them. A broken clock may be right two times a day… but that’s not an aspiration.
Then there are big-time planners. They can be like the Titanic, big and strong and vibrant. Often they end up seizing the day so tightly they miss out on important pivots (hello iceberg!).
So for the best planning of our businesses and lives, we have dreaming, organizing, and doing, with priorities and pivots.
That seems right. Which stage are you at?
Until next time

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Marilee Driscoll

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