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I hadn’t seen a sunrise in decades. We night owls whose bedrooms don’t face east don’t glimpse many cracks of dawn.
A move to a new home with an east-facing well-windowed bedroom changed all that.  Now each daybreak is impossible to ignore.  The view is so spectacular, I moved the bed across the room for the perfect view from my pillow!
In the unlikely event I wanted to see a sunrise in years past, I would’ve had to get up and dressed and go outside.  Now, I simply open my eyes.
Fascinating how something I never cared about before has become important, valued.
In the past I never missed the sunrise.
Now I never miss a sunrise.
The sun rises differently each day.   After all, every day everything does change.  The time for one; the earth’s in a different location in the sky.
Each day, everything’s a day older, changed.  Our children, our pets, our businesses, our clients. Any impartial observer would tell us that we, too, are changing. Whether or not we can see it.
To think this all started with the change from a south-facing bedroom to an east-facing one.
As we “return to normal” after a decidedly different year – now may be a particularly rich time to look at things from a different perspective.  This kind of examination, always fruitful, may now be served up to us all on a silver platter.
I guess you could say that – every day – the earth (and everything on it) are older dogs doing new tricks.  Another platitude joyously smashed to smithereens!
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