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Hi everyone,

The buds are a buddin’ and the blooms are a bloomin’ and – if you’re at all like me – Spring’s arrival is not a minute too soon. Last week I had tricky surgery on skin cancer (happily, not the big deal kind) on the side and tip of my nose. Grateful it got done after months of delay due to the pandemic. ZOOM calls may look funny on my end for awhile because of the tip-of-nose location ?

Hoping you’ll join me (and my nose) discussing whatever you’d like during Office Hours this Thursday! Sign up for zero clams (and get more info.) at FreeOfficeHours.com

Minding Your Business

We each know what we do professionally. Or do we?

Let’s say we’re a financial planner. We could be doing exactly what we should be doing, while a colleague — doing the same activities — is on a self-imposed collision course with disaster.


It’s because what we should be doing each day to truly succeed could depend on the following:

  1. Are we working for ourselves, a family member, a large public company?
  2. How is our success measured?
  3. What is our exit plan. If we own the business is our plan to eventually sell it privately, take it public, transfer it to the next generation, and/or to work in it always?
  4. What are outside forces and trends that could impact results?
  5. When we consider our professional life and goals for our personal life, are they compatible?

Consider the 5 questions above as you set out on your course for success. Revisit periodically. And, most importantly, recognize the answers will almost certainly change.

Sustained success requires vigilance and flexibility…and the willingness to course correct.

And remember, you might zig when you should’ve zagged (aka, you screwed up). We all do. It’s what you do next that really matters.

Til next time

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