“It’s Worse Than The Flu. It’s Big-Case-itis”

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Reach goals are a healthy thing. But big-case*-itis is not.

Big-case-itis is a malady that can befall someone who has identified an extremely potentially profitable opportunity, and is blinded by dollar signs. The pursuit of the opportunity will take more time and energy than their typical case, AND is a MUCH, MUCH longer shot.

Symptoms of the disease:

– You believe that your business will change forever, once the big case is sold

– The deal is to an atypical prospect, and/or involves an offering that you don’t normally provide

– You aren’t keeping up with your day-to-day obligations, thinking “when the big case happens, these won’t even matter”

– Your world view is defined as ‘before the big case happens’ and ‘after the big case happens’ – instead of a continuum of activity that will naturally include big cases


– get a business coach or go through sales training designed to help you identify what is real and what is so long shot it’s not worth your precious time and energy (identifying and qualifying real live prospects). There are many good sales systems out there. I went through Sandler Selling System about 22 years ago, and highly recommend it. My friend Marc Wayshak has written a great book on selling that everyone should have: Game Plan Selling.

– wake yourself up and smell some coffee! Limit the time and energy that you spend each ay on long-shot sales. Be very strategic, and mercenary. Answer questions like “What if I could only devote 30 minutes each day to this deal…what exactly would I do each day?…and do it!”

– If a big case is a big deal to you, you might be better off either:
1) facing the fact that your business is one of higher volume smaller cases, and developing a system to get you more of those leads, or
2) consider prospecting for more big cases on a regular basis. Maybe the right ratio for you is 12 smaller cases open at one time, with 3 big cases (but NOT just one!).

One last piece of advice: When you are taking care of your bread and butter business, while having your antenna up for opportunities, you are in an infinitely better place to have the state-of-mind to foster and land really big cases!

*If the word ‘case’ isn’t correct for your business, substitute ‘sale,’ ‘contract,’ ‘deal,’ etc.!

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