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After yesterday’s Boston Marathon, a local media source reported “Running shoulder to shoulder for most of the course, the reigning Olympic champion and Ethiopia’s Ababel Yeshaneh traded places eight times in the final mile, with Jepchirchir pulling ahead for good in the final 385 yards.”

It’s fascinating how many marathons end with similar sprints!!!

As someone who was on the track team in high school, and who finished the Ocean State marathon (Newport, RI), I can somewhat imagine what those runners went through.

I think life (if we’re lucky) IS a marathon…but we are called on to sprint (do extraordinarily hard things) sometimes. And often, when we least expect it.

That’s when preparation can help.
If you haven’t prepared for a sprint — well, it’s going to be extra difficult.

Preparation helps you know what you’re capable of. Preparing can also help you be open to the possibility that you may be able to pull off more than you imagined!

Preparation takes many forms.

For a marathon, preparation means training, diet, buying the right shoes, etc. For a new work life or a better relationship, the preparation lists are different.

If there’s one thing I know deep in my bones it’s that you are capable of amazing things.

Want to stretch your legs?

Photo by Miguel A. Amutio on Unsplash

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