How People Fall in Love with Your Business — and Why It Matters

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I fell more in love with Apple when I left my laptop cord at a relative’s house hours away from home.

The local Apple store told me I could buy a new cord — and return it for a full refund if I recovered the original within a month. They have a no-questions-asked month long return policy.

A sigh of relief. I felt taken care of.

A year later, I kept both cords… and a stronger affinity to the brand.

Better yet for the brand — it wasn’t personal. It wasn’t a judgment call made by an employee. It was a policy reflecting the business’ priorities. You could say customer service is baked into Apple’s business.

In my businesses, I’ve baked in other goodies. Like at the website business I own NoSweatWebsites.

  • We have the monthly webinar that’s a discussion among our clients, Diana (my lead IT person), and me. Together we get into anything the clients want to discuss. They get my input and ideas about marketing, branding, and converting prospects, along with Diana’s extensive technical and state-of-the-art expertise. So far we’ve covered topics like how to blog, making your About page sell prospects and referral sources, how to use video effectively on your site…and a lot more.
  • To implement a website change, we have a policy that any routine change requested by end of day Wednesday is implemented by that Saturday. This establishes expectations that can help make all parties feel secure.
  • Every January we give every subscriber an hour of free customization. This way our clients are able to and encouraged to keep their sites up-to-date and effective without the worry of unexpected costs. We can do a LOT of custom work in an hour!

It’s all so clients don’t have to sweat the details — or the cost. Hence the name — and brand promise — “No Sweat Websites.”

What have you baked into YOUR business? And what could you — do to make it even more delectable to your prospects, clients, and referral sources?

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