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Winter holidays are funny. After Thanksgiving, we run around (even if only online) procuring presents, digging up favorite recipes and decorations.

We’re like squirrels preparing for winter — all action and activity. No time to talk or reflect — “I’m busy!” Then, the holiday happens, and the stage is set — for a celebration with family, friends. Laughing, reveling, reminiscing and making new memories.

My dad had a saying for trying to do too much. “Trying to put 10 pounds of shit in a 5 pound bag.” The sentiment proves accurate for the holiday season. (And, honestly, for some of my work days.)

After hanging in there for the whirlwind weeks of holiday activity, we face New Year’s. Traditionally, a time of reflection along with the celebration.

New Year’s — here in New England — tees up several weeks of hunkering down weather, and a re-entry to our regular routine.

If there is anything good that has come from the pandemic, it’s that we’ve been forced to interrupt routines. To slow down. To adapt to abrupt changes in plans, to cancellations, disappointments and discoveries.

Viruses adapt. Humans, however, often resist change. It makes us uncomfortable.

We especially don’t like to admit that we are not in control of everything. Ouch! That’s become clearer than ever for many of us.

When we reflect on our regular routine, our regular schedule, could we be trying to cram too much in, lessening the enjoyment of it all? Conversely, do we need to pick up the pace?

My resolution is to identify what I want more of, and do that.
And, to identify what I want less of, and do less of that.

The photos here are what I want more of — time with loved ones. Photos taken on Christmas Eve in New York City…yes, that’s me — sans makeup (!) hamming it up with son Dexter.

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