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There’s nothing as satisfying as being good tired.

When you are good tired, you may have exhausted your energy, but you’d rarely complain “I’m exhausted!”

Good tired is the result of making serious progress on accomplishing your work goals. Your life goals.

Good tired can be physical: how you feel after vigorous sustained exercise. You know you’ll sleep like a rock that night.

Mental good tired is how you feel when you’ve spent a day that might’ve been difficult, but was congruent with what you — personally — needed to do. That’s the mental good tired.

Sometimes getting to good tired at work means a day that might seem out of control and frustrating because of distractions That’s OK if the best way to accomplish what you need to accomplish involves other people who might be distracting!

Good tired is a fantastic way to feel at the end of a day.

Good tired may be the best life goal there is.

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Marilee Driscoll

Writer/published author/awarded poet. Meditator. Gardener. Badminton, running. Consultant/coach/biz owner/keynote speaker by trade.