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One thing I know is you never know.

I wrote an article about 10 years ago in an industry periodical. Someone cut it out, and it sat on his desk for 2 years. Eventually he called — asking if I could help him out.

He’s now been a consulting client for more than 5 years. We have weekly calls, I’ve developed campaign themes and slogans for him, my team has done countless marketing/messaging-related deliverables, and I’ve overseen other projects, including managing other vendors.

The relationship continues. It’s profitable…fruitful for us both.

Technically, I didn’t get paid to write the article. But, I’ve learned writing about a topic you feel passionate about — and placing the article so that the right eyes may run across it — is always worthwhile. There may not be an immediate payout — but, trust me, there will be a payout.

When you ask what knowledge and abilities you have that others value — and you plant seeds inspired by the answer — well, that’s powerful. Like, whoa!

So, you sow. Because you never know.

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Marilee Driscoll

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