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Sometimes, what may look like an impulsive decision is actually quite the opposite.

The decision-maker has been considering the move for awhile, doing research, examining motivations, considering. Deliberating.

Then, when the time is right (or, good enough…just not wrong), they implement the decision that has – in reality – been waiting in the wings.

So, the timing’s the thing? No, wait, the research is definitely the thing. Or is it the thinking, the anticipatory savoring of how what you’re contemplating may work out?

This can happen quick as searing tuna, or slow as stew.

Either way, it’s deliciously, deliberately, done.

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Marilee Driscoll

Writer/published author/awarded poet. Meditator. Gardener. Badminton, running. Consultant/coach/biz owner/keynote speaker by trade.