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Spring approaches and the bears are coming out of hibernation. So are you and so is your business.
We’ve all been dormant for awhile. That’s natural in the winter. This year, though, the impact of Covid-19 exaggerated the hunkering down.
Now, like the bears, we are waking up. Rediscovering the world. Hungry. Ready to find some nice honey.
This spring is different because most everyone has been affected by the past year. Even if you were the one-in-a-million unicorn of a human being who can say they’ve been unaffected, everyone around you has been (whether or not they’ll admit it to you). That includes your family, friends, prospects and clients. Your industry has been changed. So, if you say you haven’t been impacted, I’m going to gently ask you if that is the truth.
It’s been hard. All hibernation is hard. All that drawing on the internal resources because it’s you-against-the-world in the cold dead of winter. NOW, it’s almost Spring, and it’s time to wake up, dear bear.
So let me ask you two things:
  • Do you need a hug? or
  • Do you need a firm push out of the nest so you can fly?
Truth is, most of us need both. We’ve had ideas (understandably) on hold. So, we always appreciate hugs (support) while we plan.
Everything has its time. We’re looking around and figuring out what our next moves are. Kind of like the groggy and hungry bears wondering where they’ll find some honey. And hopefully when the time is right, we’ll be pushing our ideas out of the nest and into the marketplace to see how they soar. Kind of like the birds will soon be doing with their babies.
If all goes well, the birds get to do it again next year, after the bears again wake from their hibernation.
Consider this a hug from me to you. And a reminder too – when it comes to your business or anything else you cherish – make sure you are building the right nest in the right place to enhance your odds of a spectacular flight.

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Marilee Driscoll

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