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Earlier this month, I was lucky to see Hugh Jackman* on Broadway in The Music Man.

You may recall I recently shared with you my philosophy on naming things. This musical name is delightful. Yup, it’s a musical, about a dude! Highly descriptive, great title!

I can’t help myself from evaluating names. Speech and book titles, businesses and brands…not to mention web site domains. Tag lines, too. Text of any type.

That part of my brain is never turned off. Ditto the parts that work on logo design. And book covers. Brainstorming those words or orchestrating a design isn’t without effort, but I’ve noticed it comes much much easier to me than to others.

Reminds me of a review of Jackman’s performance which proclaimed Music Man “The part he was born to play!”

Perhaps the most important question to answer in work, as in life, is this:
What do people value that comes not only naturally to you, but that you love doing?

In other words, what part were you born to play?

*Jackman portrayed Wolverine/Logan in the X-Men film series (2000–2017)

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